Working at CieloStar

CieloStar is a growing, entrepreneurial organization, and parallel to that growth we are continuously seeking talented, motivated individuals to add value to our organization.

The Environment

Our corporate headquarters are located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the hustle and bustle of business integrates itself with the relaxed nature of the Midwest.

At CieloStar, we seek to create a working environment that allows our employees to demonstrate their unique talents and abilities. Therefore, we maintain an environment that encourages mutual respect, honesty, and initiative under the belief that teamwork is essential to achieve our goals.

We further believe that a reasonable balance must exist between work, personal, and family life in order to preserve such a working environment.

The People

The diverse makeup of our employees allows for a variety of creative voices to be heard. Free thought and active discourse enables our continuous growth.

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds, possess well-rounded skill sets, and work together as a team to carry out our mission.

The Benefits

At CieloStar, we make sure that our company’s needs are aligned with the goals of our employees. We believe in nurturing the professional development of our employees by giving them the autonomy to perform at the height of their talents and abilities.

About CieloStar

CieloStar has been helping employers and employees navigate the ever-changing world of benefits for 25 years. Now, with the dawn of “Defined Contribution Healthcare,” we are on the leading edge again. Our expanding suite of products and services includes leading edge decision support technology, private exchanges, enrollment solutions, CDH administration and account processing, multi- purse debit cards, mobile and web enabled tools, health and wellness tools, health coaching, health risk assessment, bio metric health data, COBRA, bill consolidation, and provider payment solutions.

CieloStar provides leading edge payment and decision support technology that helps employers and consumers compare, select and purchase insurance and benefit solutions.  In addition, CieloStar continues to expand its position with healthcare providers and payers by offering leading edge solutions to drive efficiency and velocity in the movement of healthcare data and payments.

Contact CieloStar       

730 Second Ave. South, Suite 530
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55402