New CieloStar Card Debits Accounts, Adds Reward

New CieloStar Card Debits Accounts, Adds Reward


Minneapolis, October 17, 2013 — CieloStar announces the deployment of its new CieloStar Card which will allow consumers to settle co-pay healthcare costs and receive rewards and benefits all on one convenient, multi-purpose card.  The CieloStar Card will permit consumers to track their health benefits, discounts, rewards and health savings dollars in one easy-to-access place.

“We foresee rapid growth of both our employer and consumer focused health and benefit solutions as we expand our network of private healthcare exchanges through affinity groups and directly to corporate sponsors,” said John Reynolds, CEO of CieloStar.  “The CieloStar Card is one of the unique features which makes the CieloChoice private healthcare exchange solution so attractive to so many sponsors because it does so much more than just facilitate payments from tax-advantaged accounts,”.

By integrating the latest developments in advanced payment technology, the CieloStar Card provides access to Health Savings Account dollars wherever they can be spent along with easy access both online and mobile to balances and transactions.  In addition, numerous retail benefits, such as those available through incentives for online shopping, are automatically transferred to the card for general personal use. Many national retailers such as Best Buy, Travelocity, Target and over 5,000 others participate in the employer-sponsored CieloStar Card program by offering cash back for online shopping which in turn gets loaded onto the purchaser’s card for personal use.

The CieloStar Card is also a discount card allowing consumers to obtain savings on a variety of medical services, an important function in an era when individuals will become increasingly responsible for medical expenses due to higher deductibles and co-pays.   The CieloStar Card provides access to such services as Medical Bill Help and Surgical Care Services which afford substantial discounts on numerous medical procedures and services, in addition to savings at over 59,000 pharmacies, 70,000 dental offices and 11,000 vision care providers.

CieloStar, as part of its healthcare and benefits and payment processing platforms, will extend the unique advantages of the CieloStar Card to individual consumers outside of the employer-provided context as it begins to distribute MyCieloChoice, the private healthcare and benefit exchange aimed at the individual market, more broadly in 2014.


CieloStar has been helping employers and employees navigate the ever-changing world of benefits for 25 years. Now, with the dawn of “Defined Contribution Healthcare,” they are on the leading edge once again. Serving nearly 750,000 consumers and facilitates over $1.2 billion in annual healthcare payments, the company’s expanding suite of products and services includes sophisticated decision support technology, private exchanges, enrollment solutions, CDH administration and account processing, multi-purse debit cards, mobile and web-enabled technology, health and wellness tools, health coaching, health risk assessment, biometric health data, COBRA, bill consolidation and provider payment solutions.

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