Affinity Group Options

Offer private healthcare exchange options to your member companies.

A Healthcare Exchange Solution

CieloChoice Private Exchange offers numerous benefits to businesses providing benefits for employers—chamber organizations, brokers, and associations—allowing them to bring a private exchange to their member companies and the employees of those member companies.

These benefit program providers enjoy greater interest and engagement from their current and prospective members by offering the CieloChoice exchange platform. In a pro-business approach that fosters choice, competitive pricing, automation and efficiency, CieloChoice becomes an attractive component of the overall value proposition that exchange sponsors can uniquely provide to their clients or membership.

Affinity Group Benefits 

CieloChoice also offers exchange sponsors the ability to generate non-dues revenue as a result of offering a variety of insurance plans, discount programs and affinity products within a private exchange. A revenue share approach utilizing commissions, overrides or built-in fees can produce significant income for the exchange sponsor.

Employer Benefits 

Member companies of a CieloChoice exchange are eligible to receive a professionally packaged collection of attractive benefit offerings for their employees. These benefits are generally guaranteed issue, which means that all employees that would like to participate are guaranteed to receive coverage.

The online enrollment platform makes the education, review and enrollment process very easy for the employees. With the CieloChoice Private Exchange, the administration burden for member companies is drastically reduced when compared to the coordination and maintenance required involved with creating their own collection of plan offerings.

Member companies will appreciate gaining access to the CieloChoice platform and offerings through an exchange sponsor as a trusted and familiar source.

Employee Benefits

Employees benefit from their easy online access to a wide variety of plan and program offerings.  In the absence of a comprehensive employer-sponsored plan, the CieloChoice Private Exchange brings employees a full collection of plans and programs that might not otherwise be available.  Educational materials, employer forms and communication materials, decision support tools and calculators, and year-round access to comprehensive benefit information are available on the CieloStar online portal.