CDH Options

Our full-service set of Consumer Directed Health options.

CieloStar integrates a full-service set of Consumer Directed Health (CDH) options into the private exchange.

Our patented benefits and enrollment process provides tools for participants to model their health benefit options and make decisions about contributions to HRAs, HSAs, and other tax advantaged accounts.

CieloStar provides all administration services for the accounts and offers customer service to support participants.

Consumer Driven Healthcare

Research has shown that overall healthcare costs can be lowered when consumers adopt healthier behaviors. One way of achieving the adoption of new health behaviors is to make consumers aware of healthcare costs and incentivize them to manage these costs.

CDH provides unique challenges for providers as consumer self-pay rates increase and more resources are required to help consumers manage their healthcare responsibilities.

CieloStar’s technology simplifies CDH Administration by providing innovative tools that make the healthcare management process easy for consumers, payers and providers.

Health Savings Accounts

The adoption of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) has dramatically increased during the past few years. HSAs provide consumers with powerful tax incentives and make consumers amenable to diversified healthcare product offerings.

Health Reimbursement Accounts

Many employers have begun offering Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) as a method of attracting and retaining talented employees. HRAs provide important healthcare reimbursement benefits to employees while offering tax advantages to employees and employers alike.

Parking and Transit Plan Administration

CieloStar offers full administration of Section 132 parking and transit plans.  CieloStar’s BenefitReady system allows for election of parking and transit plans, and changes to elections throughout the year. CieloStar’s multiple purse debit card allows medical, dependent care, and transit plan accounts to be accessed by a single card.

Dependent Care

CieloStar offers Dependent Care flexible spending account administration with automated tracking of available deposits and automated recurring claim administration. CieloStar’s multiple purse debit card allows medical, dependent care, and transit plan accounts to be accessed by a single card.

HSA Features In-Depth

Features available as part of this offering include:

HSA Product Design

  • Multiple Options for HSA custodian
  • No minimum balance required for consumer to open an HSA
  • Access to tiered first dollar interest on the HSA cash account
  • HSA plan design with 100% of HSA funds available in the consumer’s HSA cash account
  • Ability for consumer to elect an investment account and set personal auto-sweep target balance (minimum of $2,000 in cash account at all times)
  • Access to a diversified set of investment options

HSA Enrollment

  • Online enrollment of consumers
  • Paper-based enrollment option for consumers
  • Ability to upload employee enrollment data real time
  • Enrollment with online terms and conditions and customized account creation information
  • Enable electronic communications for consumers with email address
  • Real time identity verification of HSA enrollees

Contribution Options

  • Consumer check contributions
  • Consumer e-Contribute from personal account into HSA
  • Payroll contribution and employer funding option

Debit Card & Other Account Access Options

  • Debit card set-up with standard 213(d) list of Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)
  • Online consumer request for HSA expense reimbursement via direct deposit into personal account
  • Online consumer request for check reimbursement of HSA expenses
  • Online bill pay via check to provider or payee using HSA funds

Consumer Reports, Notifications and Print Services

  • Monthly HSA Account Summary
  • Printed, mailed HSA Account Summary
  • Access to tax form information
  • Printed, mailed tax forms
  • Access to standard set of forms