CieloStar has end-to-end solutions, integrating all the parts of the employer, provider, and consumer experience, connected in real time by the BenefitReady® technology platform.

CieloStar’s philosophy allows employers, healthcare providers, and affinity groups to use the parts of the comprehensive CieloStar suite that make sense for them right now, and incorporate additional solutions seamlessly as the health benefits landscape, or their own needs, change.

Bending the Cost Curve

CieloStar believes that the standard short-term measures to address rising costs, like reducing prices, are not sufficient to succeed in reducing overall healthcare cost.

Instead, changes and improvements in healthcare can be achieved by improving payment systems, increasing competition, and in eliminating the waste that currently prevents patients from consistently getting the best quality care at the lowest cost.

This strategy consists of four interrelated pillars. First, as a foundation for improving value, all stakeholders in the system need better information and tools to be more effective.

Second, provider payments should be redirected toward rewarding improvements in quality and reductions in cost growth, providing support for health care delivery reforms that save money while emphasizing disease prevention and better coordination of care.

Third, health insurance markets should be reformed to create competition and improve incentives around value improvement rather than risk selection. This step requires near-universal participation in insurance markets to succeed.

Finally, individual patients should be given greater support for improving their health and lowering overall healthcare costs, including incentives for achieving measurable health goals.