BenefitReady® allows our clients to have control of their eligibility and billing to ensure complete synchronization.

“Self-Billing” is available for all lines of coverage with the fully integrated and real-time aggregated insurance carrier billing service offered by CieloStar benefits administration.

This service encompasses all benefit plans and plan types including medical, dental, vision, life/AD&D, disability, FSA, EAP, voluntary benefits, and other programs.

The aggregated bill generates using the same data that is used to produce the eligibility EDI feeds to carriers. It shows all populations of employees such as Actives, COBRA Participants, and Retirees.

Any adjustments and retroactive activity are automatically captured, calculated, and displayed. Subtotals by cost center, adjustments, and roll-up grand totals just are automated. Our clients cut a single check, and CieloStar performs all of the carrier and vendor payments with appropriate, required back-up reporting.

Features At A Glance

Client Cuts One Check

CieloStar disburses appropriate payment with back up to each vendor, this simplifies the monthly process for Clients and reduces Accounts Payable work too.

Billing & Eligibility Integration

Carriers receive weekly EDI data feeds with full eligibility to keep their systems in synch with BenefitReady®.


Auto-Reconciliation is performed as the system tracks and reports retro debit and credit adjustments to premium based on eligibility changes made in each monthly billing cycle.

COBRA/Retiree Status

Integration of plan participants with COBRA and Retiree status is fully automated.

Custom Bill Layout

Each client’s bill is configured to their liking. Bills can be sub-totaled by department, cost center, location or other data element. Column order, sorting preference, and other design criteria are built by the CieloStar team just the way you want it.

Full Service

The system is fully configured by our team with all of your Plan types, rate & contribution schedules, eligibility rules, and contribution splits. Your CieloStar team also manages renewal preparations, acquisitions, and other major changes. You don’t have to do any system configuration or Plan updates.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

CieloStar manages all 834/5010 HIPAA Compliant EDI data file transfers to and from client carriers and HRIS/Payroll. Our full service approach includes construction, testing, modifications, discrepancy reporting, and annual renewal updates.