Employee Service Center & Fulfillment

The Employee Service Center (ESC) integrates with all of our available benefit outsourcing services.

The ESC provides a variety of support offerings including phone enrollment, technical support, benefit plan information and direction for your employees. We can also act as a liaison to your carriers and vendors.

In addition to inquiry responses via phone, email and fax, the ESC also manages crucial outgoing company communication programs and fulfillment needs. We understand that these jobs can be tough to accomplish with limited staff, CieloStar is fully prepared to assist you.

Our ESC representatives are trained professionals that have access to detailed benefits information about your employees and their benefit programs. This allows them to be exceptionally helpful and answer almost any benefit program related question.

Features At A Glance

Dependable Access

Employees now have one central point of contact via toll-free phone or email where they are assured a timely, helpful response. No longer will they get different answers from different people and have to waste valuable company and personal time chasing down those answers.

Call Tracking and Reporting

Because we can log every call with comments, call topic indicators, and a variety of phone system data, CieloStar is able to provide valuable feedback to our clients regarding employee inquiries.

Communication & Fulfillment

The ESC is more than a call center. It also services fulfillment needs, open enrollment processing, and general trouble-shooting. One of the most helpful services it provides is targeted communication programs designed specifically for your employee population. Based on the inquiry tracking and reporting information, these programs can be tailored to address the most common questions and education needs that your employees have.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

When employees receive a high level of service surrounding their benefit plans, they often understand them better which leads to a greater appreciation for company programs. Employees can now focus on their job at hand and stop worrying about benefits issues. Ultimately, your company will reap greater productivity and employee loyalty.

Liberated HR/Benefits Staff 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to utilize the CieloStar Employee Service Center is to give HR/Benefits staff the opportunity to refocus on proactive, forward looking initiatives.

Monthly or Annually

Various Levels of Support are available for different client needs such as Open Enrollment only, Year Round Support for all types of benefit related questions, Technical Support only for system help, or other client desired projects.

Live Customer Service Reps

Our trained CSR’s assist each caller during business hours; after hours a voicemail can be left, which will be returned within 24 hours.

Custom Greeting

Dedicated toll-free telephone number is set up for each client and answered with a personalized greeting.

Patient Advocacy

Our CSR’s can contact vendors and providers on the participant’s behalf to help resolve service issues and claim questions.

Web Chat

CieloStar’s BenefitReady platform provides real time customer service and assistance using chat functions, allowing participants to interact with CieloStar representatives while purchasing products or viewing transactions.

Language Line®

For clients that have language needs, we gladly conference in a Language Line® translator to facilitate a comfortable experience for the employee.

Other Features

  • Fulfillment & Projects made easy
  • Open Enrollment Kits
  • Employee New Hire packets
  • Dependent Eligibility Audits
  • Medicare Part D Notices
  • EOI Processing
  • Mass Mailings