BenefitReadyOne MEC Benefit Plans

The health benefits world is changing fast and your employers are expecting you to keep them compliant and out of trouble. Your customers need new ideas to help them manage their healthcare dollars and they want the most up to date plans and options for their employees. Employees are looking for comprehensive packages, good benefit plans, and coverage they understand. And if you aren’t providing all of the above, another Broker will…..

You need to be looking at Reference Based Pricing and including MEC Plan options for your clients. These are the fastest growing niche’s in our market place today and if you are not up to speed on them and offering these options to your clients you are at risk of losing them.

How It Works...

BenefitReadyOne will put the product right on your desktop. You can Quote, Bind and Enroll all right from your office without spending days traveling to and from the client, going back and forth with the Underwriter and chasing down information. BenefitReadyOne is the most efficient way to manage your entire block of Stop Loss business. You will make as much or more revenue and have less than 1/10th the expense of renewing and managing a group or chasing down a prospect half way across the state.

BenefitReadyOne also brings to you a complete suite of ancillary products, to include a MEC Plan, MVP Plans and other value added programs that will be available to every employer group you bring into the program.

MEC PLAN — As of 1-1-2014 the ACA requires all individuals to have at least “minimum essential coverage” or you may have to pay a penalty tax. By purchasing a plan with “minimum essential coverage” your employees can avoid being taxed the “Individual Mandate” penalty tax.

REFERENCE BASED PRICING MODELS— One of the Network Choices within BenefitReadyOne is to use Reference Based Pricing (RBP). RBP is a reimbursement that uses objective databases such as Medicare and cost information to determine the prevailing price for medical services.

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